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The Amazing Capt. of Wonders

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Elegy & Dollar Bill [Oct. 11th, 2009|11:19 pm]
The Amazing Capt. of Wonders
Two poems I'm working on for poetry class.
I haven't really written poetry since I was 14 and terrible at it, so this is refreshing.
Tell me what you think?


A man’s hands and a piano
Strike minor keys
Over cellophane static speakers

Buzzing electric grates
Empty florescent daybreak
Into a bumpy box

The paper siding peels
To reveal curled widows and ants
Dotted on rotted corkboard

All corners of the carpet
Have lifted in contempt
Of the molding machinery

This elevator will never quite reach
The floor you came from.

Dollar Bill

He glued her to the ground with
Peanut butter
To see who would peel her from the cement

Each man who passed lifted her in hopes of luck
From the seal-slick street side


The left side of her face was ripped away
By the acid wash of chunky plaster

And she bent in half and half again
With the weight of rain-coat



They just laughed and put her back
For someone to find